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Service Hours:

Service available 24/7 X 365. Maintenance will be performed Monday-Friday between 5:00a-7:00a.

Service Target:

The target for this service is to be available 99.9% of the time.

Service Request:

To ask a question about this service or to request this service, please contact TNS at 814-865-1696, or submit your request through the Service Inquiry/Request Form Authentication Required.

Service Support:

To report interruptions or other problems with Telephone/Voice services, submit a case online at , or call the Data Center Services Operations Center (OC) at 814-865-4662.

Penn State Videoconferencing Room Management FAQ

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Public vs. Private

Private Interactive Video rooms are reserved for the exclusive use of a department. Public Interactive Video rooms are available for scheduling by any University department. The guidelines presented in this document are recommended for both Public and Private rooms.

Room Contacts

The room shall have an individual and a backup designated as the video conference room scheduling contacts and an individual and a back-up designated as the video conference room technical contacts.


Interactive Video room equipment is to be operated by trained personnel. Free training is offered by Teaching and Learning with Technology. A week's notice, at minimum, is required to arrange TNS training.


Priority shall be given to scheduling meetings that will use the video conference room equipment. Other meetings may be scheduled, but it may be necessary to relocate or reschedule non-video meetings. Generally, no meeting should be canceled or rescheduled with less than five business days notice.


Interactive Video rooms shall be available for videoconference use on a first-come, first-served basis. However, use of the videoconference equipment for credit classes should take priority over other video meetings. The room scheduling contact will make the final decision on priority.


The conference room shall be made available during normal business days between 8AM and 5PM. Conferences at other hours will require special arrangements.


Users are responsible for the proper care of the video conferencing equipment and for general room clean-up following the meeting. The operator of the equipment should have operator training prior to using the equipment.

Technical Problems During a Videoconference

During a conference, any technical problems encountered should first be directed to the room technical contact. If the problem cannot be resolved locally, specialized assistance is available for rooms covered by an TNS maintenance agreement by calling the TNS Network Operations Center at 814-865-4662 (5-4NOC).


Telecommunications and Networking Services (TNS) will arrange maintenance contracts with external vendors or provide staff assistance.


The videoconference equipment must be secured and proper environmental controls regulated to help maintain the equipment in good working order. The lighting and room acoustics should be maintained as recommended by TNS.


In order to monitor usage and project future needs, conference room managers should maintain room usage data. This data is to include:

  • Whether the use was course-related, and the course number/section if applicable
  • Date, time, and length of conference
  • Name/phone number of person requesting the service
  • Other pertinent information


  • Private Interactive Video rooms are reserved for the exclusive use of a department.
  • Public Interactive Video rooms are available for scheduling by any University department.
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